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Machias river canoe trips led by registered Maine guides.
Go canoeing on Maine's Machias river, it's good for the soul!

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Machias River Canoe Trips

The Machias river is a free-flowing river running through one of the largest tracts of woodlands in the eastern United States. The 85 mile canoe trip from headwaters to the sea is most noted for challenging whitewater, scenic campsites, and lack of civilization.

Machias (pronounced muh-CHAI-yus, the native American word for "bad run of water") was once a major migration route for the Passamaquoddy tribe whose ancestors carved the petroglyphs found in Machias Bay. The Machias river was once used for driving logs, the heyday of which ended in the late 1920's. In 1973 the last dam was removed from the Machias river returning it to it's natural, free-flowing state.

Although the river has been recognized for it's exceptional beauty, the Machias' wild, free-flowing nature is perhaps as equally responsible for the river's notoriety among canoeists. The river features a number of ledge-drop rapids which are the common thread in every canoeists account of the Machias. The nature of these rapids can change daily as water levels fluctuate with spring run-off and precipitation so scouting becomes routine and the decisions as legendary as any river drivers tale.

The Machias has reliable water levels in the rapids from May to mid-June. We run guided trips of 3-7 days on the Machias river and early in the season it is possible to run the river from headwaters to the sea.

We also guide day trips along many sections of the Machias and it's tributaries early in the season. This allows us to run the best of the watershed with unloaded canoes! Packages are available for multi-day itineraries and lodging.

Sunrise Canoe and Kayak specializes in running trips for private and corporate groups. As the only outfitter to provide a complete range of services for the Machias river including professional guides, staff, quality equipment, and support, Sunrise Canoe and Kayak is focused on helping your organization realize it's goals.

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